21st birthday present? How about 21 hours in Paris?

This is one huge throw back to when I decided to take my sister to Paris for her birthday. (15th February, so yes, next time we are investing in some ‘no, we are only sister’ stickers)

This trip consisted of flying from London Heathrow to Charles De Gaulle Airport and then heading into Paris by taxi (due to time constraint). We got dropped by Arc De Triomphe and that was the last time we saw a cab for the next 15 hours! (safe to say heels weren’t the best choice of footwear) On we went towards the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Pont Alexandre II and so on…. taking countless photos along the way.

At the time of our trip I was discovering my love for photography, and what better way than to use Paris as a theme. So obviously, it was a great benefit that my model was absolutely gorgeous which allowed most of my photos to turn out looking some-what decent without the need for post-photoshoot editing. These photos were then featured on Cheltenham Fashion Week Instagram as build up to the event.

Landscape photography was not my strong point at this stage, however, after some post editing, I managed to get some pretty interesting shots.


Whilst on our photography adventure we did not pass up the chance to eat! Our first sit down was in a little posh café close to Arc De Triumph where we ordered 2 hot chocolates. It was only when we received the bill i noticed the grave mistake we had made. 15 € per drink – Errrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no comment.

Our second café stop was much more pleasant. I thought i had ordered a sandwich, but to my delight, they had basically given me A TON of melted cheese with a side of bread! When we were heading back out to the streets, an old french man in a tailored suit stopped us, and insisted on speaking to us in french, which lets admit, is NOT my forte. To make a long story short, i left the café with a small Hermes scarf that i was gifted, as my sister and i had reminded him of the joys to be alive!

Regardless of the good and bad luck we encountered on this trip, it was yet again another amazing adventure that i had spent with my best friend. Most importantly, i left with greatest knowledge that i could ever ask for. That being – Crepé is life ♥