Social Media Boom

If you still believe that social media is only used by teenagers to post their 100 selfies then you’re missing out on the opportunity of a free marketing tool. If you’re thinking of starting up a blog/page/business where you create your own social media campaign, this post should educate you on a few things before you get started.


This photo sharing app gains 300 million active users per month. The average post engagement rate on Instagram is over 300% of Twitter, which isn’t that surprising due to it being image based. Therefore, to not use Instagram to promote your photography is the biggest mistake you could make.

How often should I post : 1-2 per day

What time: 4-6pm


Whilst for photographers, Twitter doesn’t seem like the ideal platform, according to ‘Social Times’, 37% of global users will buy a brand they follow. This could lead to remarkable traffic volumes and engagement rates.

How often should I post: 5 per day

What time: 1-3pm


This original big boom social media platform hosts more than 1.44bn monthly global users, who spend an average of 20 minutes per day on this site. Although some say Facebook is a thing of the past, it is a great channel for interacting with your clients, as well as a base for advertising your brand to your target market.

How often should I post: 1-2 per day

What time: 1-4pm

Once you’ve picked your social media platform, you should remember that a good bio will make or break a following. Make sure that you have a strong or interesting bio, which tells your followers who you are, what you do and initially this will tell the users what to expect from you. My advice would be to keep it short, yet exciting.

There you go. This is the starting point for any given platform. It is now up to you to make sure that you succeed!