How to: The Art of Average-ness

Ladies and Gentleman, this is something I’m pretty damn successful at.

An interesting observation is that human nature for authors, directors and us as individuals feel the need to embody perfection.  It’s what we are bombarded with in movies, magazines, adverts etc, because of course, we all idolise the idea of perfection. Who wouldn’t?

However of 7.2 billion people of this planet, only about 1,000 have made a worldwide influence at a given time. That leaves the rest of us having to come to terms with “just being average.” I want to ignore the “be rich, beautiful and powerful” culture that we’ve all been sold on and focus on the benefits of being an average person (does the italics help to make it more fancy?)

The Curve

Everything in life is give and take. Some of us are born with Steven Hawkins style academic skills, while others are graced with a beautiful physique. Some are athletic whilst others are artistic. And no, I am not saying that you can’t be all of the above, but generally we are graced with one key feature. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? We all bring a little something different to the world… Think of a life where every plant and animal are the same, life would get quite tedious wouldn’t it.


This is a bell curve, which helps to represent things in quite a simple way.  As you can see, the majority of us are pretty mediocre. We can apply so many different things to this curve –  height, weight, maturity, wages etc but the best example that comes to mind is with reference to basketball (perfectly suited for my fiancé, to be more specific, probably my only blog follower)

Micheal Jordan. One of the best dunkers .. So lets put him at 99% on the curve.  You then have an average joe, and to make it easier lets presume he has a rather large body circumfrance (not making any references … ) He would therefore presumably be towards the bottom of the curve.

dunk_comparison_bellcurve.pngWe stand in awe of MJ because he is more athletic than us,  yet humour ourselves with those who are less athletic than most of us. Whilst most of you are in the middle. ( Note I said you… because sorry to point out facts but I’m obviously just behind MJ at 98% for dunking skills, how bout dat…)

We’re all pretty basic

Although some of us are really exceptional at certain things, chances are we’re very average in others. That’s the nature of life. In order to be great at something, you have to dedicate a great deal of time and effort into it, and now-a-days, we all seem to have limited time and energy needed in order to flourish.

Mediocrity as a goal, sucks  BUT  Mediocrity as a result, is kind of ok.

Culture of Exceptionalism

Its not a new fact that we live in a time of technological and economical privilege. Having access to the internet, Google, Facebook, Youtube etc allows us to have more information than ever. However, it is our attention that is limited. There is no way we as humans can process all of the information that we are given access too, therefore yet again we turn to the 99%.

We are flooded with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. (ill let you come up with your own examples) This is no coincidence – we as consumers desire this type of entertainment, therefore it is where the money lies.


So what?

So, it is an accepted part of culture today, believed mostly by millennials, that we are all destined to do something truly extraordinary. Ignoring that this statement in itself is a contradiction. If everyone was extraordinary, then by definition, no one would be.

Unfortunately being “average” has now become the new standard of being boring or a failure. And if you genuinely believe that, well then you must think that the human population sucks. Being average doesn’t mean accepting “ill never achieve anything great”. If you think about it, people who are ‘amazing’ at something have improved through their obsession with it. And that obsession was brought on by the fact that they were originally not that great at all. They were average, but wanted to do better.

So grow to appreciate your average-ness.  Because like I’ve said, being average can be pretty damn cool