How to: Procrastination

NO – this isn’t a ‘how to’ for procrastination, but really the opposite (even though i am pretty talented in this department)

I feel pretty confident to say that as a member of the millennial generation, we are all (at times) chronic procrastinators. Whether its aimed towards finishing a work task, college essay or  getting up to do the washing, we do not shy away from term “ah, ill do it in a bit.” Nothing is wrong with a little escape from time to time, however, relying on procrastination too often can send yourself into a negative spiral.

Stop thinking.  Start doing.

A lot of advise that I’ve received from people to tackle my procrastination is by writing a ‘to do list’. Now in theory, this sounds productive, however I have written 10,000 lists in my life that are yet to be ticked off.  SO,  if list writing doesn’t work for you then take a look at my advice, starting with stop wasting your time writing fancy little lists and just start doing!

Change your environment

Through trial and error (mainly error), I have found that I personally cannot work at home. I find myself escaping off to complete very ‘important tasks’ that need dealing with, such as perusing the fridge or re-ordering my cupboards.

Find a location that you dedicate your work area. To me this is a small café in Abu Dhabi that is constantly filled with students or employees mirroring my actions, therefore whenever procrastination comes to mind, I look around and think twice. Try to avoid using this location to relax or chill out, as we work best when sticking to a routine.

Download App Detox

If you have no self control then this is a must have. This app allows you to set blockage rules to apps that distract you the most (Instagram being the killer). You are able to block, limit or forbid access to apps at certain times of the day, allowing yourself to finally act upon your “Ill work hard on this tomorrow” comment we all make before we sleep.

Start with the hardest task

Ever heard the quote ‘do the hard jobs first and the easy jobs will take care of themselves’? Well, I agree. Whatever seems to be the hardest task will surely require the longest and most dedicated amount of time, therefore get it out of the way!

If you start your day off by finishing your hardest task, the rest of your day should feel a lot lighter.


Nothing is more fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.  Instead of feeling guilty about watching another episode of your show, take the time to finish the task at hand, so you can relax fully.

Don’t feel as though you have to finish everything you’ve ever started. If a book sucks, then read something else, but if you are struggling to commit, try some of the tips noted above, and hopefully one of them will make a difference.