How to: Instagram Theme

First impressions are everything, right?  The reason I wanted to share something like this is to spark a little enthusiasm into that creative monster deep inside each of us. When we first click on a new profile we immediately see the overall feed – so unless this is visually appealing, it is unlikely you will gain any interest, let alone a follower (unless that someone is a friend or most likely your mums).

Whether you want to be a blogger or just have a crazy case of OCD, I’ve come up with a few tips that I think would improve any feed in no time.

Be Consistent

I personally have adopted a ‘3 row theme’, where all pictures should relate to one another (be that by colour or activity). HOWEVER, don’t fall into the trap like I did and limit yourself. You can have 3, 6 or 12 photos relating to one another (perfect when traveling), or stick to a specific filter or topic for your feed. Whatever you choose, don’t cement yourself to an unachievable goal and more importantly don’t be scared to change your theme every now and again!

My personal favourite ‘3 row’ inspirations are from bloggers: @samevanslife @afrenchindubai


Be picky

Don’t just post any random picture. If it is blurry, grainy or just not 100%, try to restrain yourself from posting it. IF you insist on posting it, I would advice trying to restore the quality of the image through some editing apps – my personal favourites being ‘Snap Seed’ or ‘Rookie Cam’. This will help your feed to have a clean and consistent feel.

Plan your feed

I know to some this may seem silly, however in order to fully commit to a BOMB-ASS feed it requires a little pre-planning.  I use ‘Instasize’ to plan my feed. I upload the photos that I’m planning on posting and play around with the order to see how the images look next to each other.This has lead to a huge improvement to the overall aesthetic of my Instagram page, as sometimes images that I think are going to be BOSS look like a complete disaster.


My final and most important tip would be to JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT! There is no right or wrong, at the end of the day, its only Instagram….  (eye – twitch)

Hopefully these simple tips will spark a little creativity the next time you think of posting a picture/ video.  Your next 100 followers are right around the corner   ♥

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