How to: Happiness

No, these steps will not transform you into a permanent laughing emoji, and no, I am not expecting you to live your life on a constant happy buzz, because at the end of the day we are only human. BUT regardless, these are some tips that I personally use when I’m having a moody day (which occurs more than I’d like to admit)


Look at the positive side of your experiences

As horrible as you think your day has been, lets face it, someone else is having a much worse time. Yes, this is an annoying concept that we all might not want to accept when we fancy having a rant, but we should all be grateful for the relatively easy life we have been blessed with.

A life lived outside of war and fear is one that should be cherished.

It is important to think about our greatest setbacks as experiences in order to learn the lessons we need for tomorrow.

Change your perspective

I’m not sure why but we generally have a tendency to remember the negative experiences that we encounter instead of the positive ones. (I’m sure you’ve all encountered a domestic argument that has lead to someone wiping dust off their relationship history) This in itself is a harmful mind-set to hold yourself to. What we should be doing is actively striving to absorb every moment of happiness we encounter, allowing your body and mind to become more compassionate to yourself and to others.

Approach everything you do with a positive attitude!  Smile, laugh, be kind and polite to strangers. This simple change will not only improve your outlook, but may contribute to others being able to get through their day.

In a society that is so dependent upon social media for entertainment, be the change that you wish to see in others!

Be optimistic

“Everything sucks” “whatever, I give up” – If you constantly hear quotes like this, you my friend are surrounded by pessimists.

Optimism is more than just positive expectations. It’s a way of interpreting everything that happens to you. There is 100% power in intentions and having a purpose… you cannot deny the reality of life challenges but with this mind set you should approach them differently.

HOWEVER, blind optimism can be dangerous too. Going skydiving without a parachute because you’re ‘optimistic’ you will survive can only be described as pure stupidity…

So really my advise is don’t ruin your own happiness because you’re too stubborn to change.

Be positive

Be optimistic

Be grateful 

Be your best self 

Be compassionate