How to: Landscape Photography

Landscape photography…. We all attempt it when we’re on holiday but have we come close to perfecting it? Whether you’ve just invested in a DSLR or have had one for years, these simple tips will help take your landscape photography to the next level.

Invest in a good quality tripod

There is no way around it, as a landscape photographer, it is important to get a sharp image allowing the detail in the scene to jump out. Investing in a tripod will stabilize your camera and allow for the high quality you need.

Although a high quality tripod may be expensive, it is necessary. Don’t make the mistake I did and try to cut costs by purchasing a cheap quality tripod as is it no match for what nature has to offer. A carbon fibre tripod or a good ball head tripod can give you many adjustment options to capture that perfect shot!

 Use self-timer

The self-timer feature + tripod help prevent any shake caused by pressing the shutter button. This is extremely important when the shutter needs to stay open during long exposure shots.


Find your own secret location

Generally, the more difficult it is for you to reach a location, the better that photo will be. On road trips you will come across many ‘iconic’ photography spots, where lets face it, better photographers have been. There is nothing wrong with checking these off your bucket list, however, they’re usually coupled with a line-up of photographers or tourists trying to find the perfect angle for their selfie.

My advice is to seek out that hidden beauty using careful planning, patience and persistence in order to take a photo which not only appears new to the audiences eye but will leave them speechless.

 Add an element to your photos

Adding a human element to your photos can give your followers a much wider perspective on how grand the landscape really is! This may require you to improve your debating skills when asking your friend to scale up a mountain or stand at the edge of a cliff, however, once you’ve perfected both skills, you may be unstoppable.


 Learn from mistakes

My biggest tip is to not be disheartened when you’ve invested time and effort into a photoshoot and left with nothing. Every great photographer has been in the same position as you and I, yet has managed to push through the disappointment and has learnt from those mistakes. Being a good photographer means always looking to improve, so even with simple tips like this, you are already on your way!